Leid Stories—A Tone-Deaf Trump Doesn’t Hear the Multiple Alarms He Sets Off, But He Enjoys Watching the Chaos and Panic They Cause—03.07.18

Even by his own admission, President Trump thrives on conflict and chaos. He’d like us to believe it’s the secret behind his genius. But Trump is no genius, and practically every aspect of his life is a moment-to-moment battle to stay on top.

Trump’s “genius” world of chaos and turmoil clearly has taken a heavy toll on his own administration, which in the year and 45 days since he’s been in office has yet to forge a cohesive identity and action plan.

Today we take a look at the best clues that Trump is a poor and unfit leader. The best evidence: The gross mismatching of talent and task at the White House; the head-spinning rate of senior-level job abandonment; Trump’s open attacks against people he personally selected for key positions; his dishonesty and  pathological lying; his cronyism and nepotism; his open contempt for the poor; his dedication to retrograde racist “American values;” and his absolute refusal to seek and take sound advice.

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