Life after death ‘confirmed’ by scientists

A recent investigation led by British scientists has discovered that there is indeed more to come after life ends. The large-scale study of over 2,000 people found that thoughts continued even after the heart stopped beating.  The shocking research also revealed what is considered to be some of the most convincing evidence ever to support an out-of-body experience for a patient that had been declared dead.

In the past, it was believed that the brain only functioned for about 30 seconds after the heart stopped beating. After blood stopped circulating around the body, it had always been assumed that awareness ended at that point as well. This new study from researchers at the University of Southampton, however, has revealed that consciousness can continue for up to a full three minutes after a person has been pronounced dead.

Dr. Sam Parnia, lead researcher of the study, told Express:“Contrary to perception, death is not a specific moment but a potentially reversible process that occurs after any severe illness or accident causes the heart, lungs and brain to cease functioning.”

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