Love Lust And Laughter – 06.27.17

David Steinberg ( has been writing about sexuality since 1989. His book “This Thing We Call Sex” is honest, funny, sometimes angry, but always profound. Dr. Diana and David discussed Fine Art Sexual Photography, something he has been doing since 1999. He photographs couples having sex, and he tells them to be themselves — to have a good time, to be really there with each other. His sexual photographs have won numerous awards, including at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. Many couples experience transformations after viewing their photos: one woman, for example, confronted deep issues of how she felt about her body. She called the experience of the photo shoot one of the most important days of her life! If you might be interested in being photographed, you may contact David through his website. David Steinberg has well documented the American sexual landscape. Please tune-in for a fascinating interview!

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