Meria Heller – Blood & Guts, with Meria & Jack Blood – 03.04.18

Blood & Guts, with Meria and Jack Blood. The truth movement hurt by trolls & rush to judgement; Dems in midterms; both parties fix elections;Russian propaganda to cause chaos, succeeds; kids want a new party; the generational shift and why we should be glad;Indigo kids have evolved; systems busters; trumps anti-gun laws – who benefits?using fear porn to fundraise;Al Franken;fear sells guns & wars; immigration is class warfare; inflation;Parkland-attraction and distraction; show us photos of the dead in schools & wars;Israel/trump/kushner;Fire & Fury-why did the democrats attack it?who trump admires;WW3 on deck?Wilbur Ross & trump;Goldman Sachs administration;Rothschild bankers in control;Amazon pays zero tax;No.Korea;trump mused about a terror attack saving the midterms; red flags in Parkland and much more. Support Jack’s work!

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