Meria Heller – Roaring Truth, with Meria and Jim Fetzer – 01.26.18

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Roaring Truth, with Meria and Jim Fetzer. Medicare for all is the solution; sad state of medicine in the USA;Bernie;deporting doctors;chemtrails/heavy metals; the fires in California;Directed energy weapons; “smart” appliances;US being destroying from the inside; trumps cabinet/judges;Libya- a disgrace, better before;Hussein;US works for benefit of Israel;Hawaii & Japan alerts or missile shot down?No.Korea no threat;Turks vs. Kurds;Syria;depopulation agenda;Georgia guidestones;Fire & Fury; Bannon;trump “Israel first”; Jerusalem -damn trump to hell (Jim); Israeli sub;USS Liberty;Pence the psycho;Sandy Hook, 9/11,Las Vegas updates;JFK assassination updates;Stormy Daniels and Melania and lots more.