It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown – SCREWNOMICS – 04.18.18

This is the tongue-in-cheek, double entendre title of a new book by Rickey Gard Diamond, writing about how women have been systematically denied equal treatment in the economy.  She and Ellen discuss EconoMan, the avatar for the economic powers-that-be who are a small group of privileged males  which “just expect” to be in control and expect women to work for less, or even better, for free. But while the book title refers to economic inequity for women, it also covers the economic injustices that most of world’s citizens experience as a result of the private issuance of currency, which is the primary function of banks. Commentator Bob Bows discusses how this situation has firmly established the 1/100,000th of 1% of the world’s population into perpetual and seemingly indomitable power.









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