The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – Saint John Lennon- A Time Travel Action Adventure about PEACE – 05.22.18

Daniel Hartwell  began his 40-year career launching bands, and sold over a million tickets to performances by Alice Cooper, Alice in Chains, Kid Rock, Staind, and  Dora the Explorer. He founded the wildly popular LocoBazooka music festivals in the northeast. Recently, he met with Ringo Starr and presented him with a signed copy of the book, Saint John Lennon.
Daniel is on the board of directors for Horses Healing Hearts, an organization that helps children affected by a family member with addiction. Interaction with the horses helps the children to heal emotionally, build self-esteem, and learn life-coping skills.
Daniel is a positive living specialist.  He mentors and coaches his clients in proper nutrition, exercise, creating balance and fostering peace.
Roseanne Bottone  is an environmentalist and holds a degree in Life Sciences from Cornell University, and an MBA in International Business. She lived in Paraguay, South America as a Peace Corps volunteer and was a Plant Protection and Quarantine Officer with the US Department of Agriculture. She tested and launched the USDA’s K-9 program.
Presently, Roseanne travels the US teaching environmental regulations to business people working for mom & pop to Fortune 100 companies. She is also a freelance writer.