The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – Swami Tirtha, the Orange Cowboy, is the host of the TV show, “Talking with Our Angels” – 05.08.18

He is a #1 bestselling author and has presented to the White House alternative medicine commission and Johns Hopkins U. Swami has more than four decades teaching wellness & consciousness.
At the age of 10 Swami began having spiritual experiences that altered his life in divine ways. He survived a devastating tragedy at the age of 17 by seeking spiritual pathways, which led him to discover his mission of spreading joy.
Swami is sought after by conscious leaders & their teams to help them create miracles in their lives and careers.
Swami assists people in strengthening their communication with their intuition, or angels, leading many people to rediscover joy, authenticity, and better decision-making.
His mission is to help create world peace.  Swami is targeting his first movie  — a comedy about listening to your heart and trusting your authenticity — to have global impact. Contact for Public: Https://
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