New Show Alert: The Plutocracy Report – 03.09.18

In this debut show, Vince introduces his way of thinking and gets in to the tragic school shooting and explains how both sides of the dichotomy will comment on it to further reinforce division. Then he discusses Trump, the new McCarthyism, anti Russian campaign, of the left and the presidency in general. He then touches on Syria and how biased and propagandistic the American media reports on it. Wrapping up he explains how we are witnessing the grim race of what will happen first, market collapse or climate collapse and ends with a message of anti- despair and how we must not give up on regaining control of our country from the plutocrats.

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Vince Marcanti was born and raised in a busy Chicago suburb named Park Ridge, the same town Hillary Clinton was raised. His father worked twelve hour shifts, five days a week at International Harvester to make ends meet and afford a small house. He stated, "I hated seeing very little of my father growing up and seeing him work his life away at a unfulfilling repetitive job made me wonder how that was acceptable in society. This set me on a path to question the very structure of society and challenge our way of life." He recognized his innate desire to question everything, even as a young child. He became a self taught musician and song writer and started his own home renovation business. By the mid 90s he began to self educate by using his local library and the internet, and claims his method of research, consisting of unbiased and two sided evaluation of all available data and accounts, is the best way to learn objectivity and form justifiable opinions. His lack of academic credentials has been something he is quite proud of and suggests American academia is a form of indoctrination, to strict systematic, left brain thinking, leading to suppression of new ideas. He became an outspoken activist against the two party system and campaign finance. After campaigning for Ralph Nader and witnessing how unfairly third party candidates were treated, he declared America is a plutocracy and elections won't change that. Vince claims his political and philosophical disposition comes from unbiased evaluation and total lack of indoctrination to accepting the status quo. He wrote the novel The Last Independent in 2008, a book that reflects the dystopian future America is destined to have, minus an overthrow of the shadow government that controls the fate of our species and suppresses any humane social, technological and scientific advancement. He puts all of his songs, essays and book free to access online. When asked why he replied, "I've never done anything commercial in my life and as a man of controversy, all I want is to be heard." He now dedicates his efforts to informing people not to remain trapped in what he calls The Dichotomy of Division, which makes people think choosing to be a republican or democrat is all there is in the realm of politics.

Tune in to The Plutocracy Report every week as Vince takes listeners deep inside the governmental narrative of the mainstream media/propaganda system and exposes the motivation behind the stories and why they are reported is such a way. Apart from providing listeners with a broader, two sided view of everything pertinent in the news. The show also contains humor, in part with sarcasm over the absurdity of our media and culture, as well as personal experiences, heartfelt honesty, and sympathy from his unique paradigm.  A main ongoing aspect will be about what Vince calls the Dichotomy of Division. This phrase of his defines how the American people are split into two parties, under the guise of democracy, believing that there is no other option but following one of these two failed and controlled parties. This is, of course, all deception to believe the status quo would ever change within this system, when it is unequivocally a veiled plutocracy and Vince will examine the proof. After every segment he will discuss the root causality to every dilemma and political issue and explain what needs to be done to fix it. "The only way to create an egalitarian society that utilizes science and technology to benefit every human being, while taking care of the biosphere, is for us to break the dichotomy of division and unite to overthrow the sociopathic Plutocrats." That is the underlying message of The Plutocracy Report.