NORMAN POLLACK – Reichstag 1938 / Washington 2017

We are all Muslims. Either that, or we shall be torn apart as a nation, given over to Trump-Republicans’ vomit of hate for all that defines human rights and a free society. It gets worse by the minute, the immigration issue merely code for venting spleen on a whole range of issues intimately connected with America’s loss of undisputed pre-eminence to define and exclusively benefit from the world system.

Always attack the most vulnerable, if what you seek is unlimited power and acting without restraint. This strong-man complex is grounded in fear, fear of self-discovery as one whose ego (one here referring to a collective ruling group and the millions under its sway) depends on the humiliation of others to confirm one’s greatness. Yes, Let’s Make America Great Again, muscle flexing to prove a superiority founded on force, exploitation, the ultimate crushing of all dissent.

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