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Plant Codes: Unleashing Nature’s Healing Power DVD

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 There is a health crisis of epidemic proportions effecting our entire country. This year in the United States, we have spend over 3.5 trillion dollars on Healthcare. Considering we are getting fatter, sicker and have a shorter life span than ever before, something is terribly wrong. This film could save your life! The Standard American Diet is truly sad and it is killing us! The American diet has taken us down a path to dietary suicide.

In Gary Null’s newest film, Plant Codes, Unleashing Nature’s Healing Powers, some of the America’s leading doctors and their patients speak out about how a Plant Based Diet can prevent, treat, arrest and cure disease, including type 2 diabetes, obesity, hyper tension, heart disease and many other of the leading causes of death and disability.

Multinational corporations, market forces, the government and their agencies are controlling what we eat and manipulating the information we need to know, which would help us understand what is it is that is killing us. How the toxins, the chemicals, the genetically modified foods are undermining our immune systems. How the meat industry is more detrimental to our environment than the transportation industry. How meat, sugar,and diary is destroying our endothelium cells, leading to cardiovascular disease.

If you don’t eat a Standard American Diet, you don’t get standard American diseases.

By simply changing from the Standard American diet, based on the consumption of meat, diary, and sugar, and embracing an organic, Plant Based Diet, you can dramatically improve the quality of your health, your families health and the health of the planet.

Featured guests:
Neal Barnard MD, Chef David Bouley, Cauldwell B. Esselstyn MD, Colin Campbell MD, Thomas Campbell,MD, Rabbi Gabriel Cousins,MD, Garth Davis MD, Joel Furhma MD, Rashida Ghauri MD, Brooke Goldner MD, Michael Gregor MD, Andrew Harvey PhD, Brendan Kelly PhD, Baxter Montgomery MD, Marne O’Shae MD, Robert Ostfeld MD, Vandana Shiva PhD, H. Robert Silverstein MD, Dana S. Simpler MD, Philip Wollen.

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