Progressive Commentary Hour – 10.04.16

The real Syrian Narrative — cutting through the American mainstream misinformation and lies

Dr. Henry Lowendorf is on the Executive Board of the US Peace Council – an pro-worker, anti-imperialist, peace organization founded in 1979 and committed to social justice and the elimination of weapons of mass destruction. The Council is an NGO member of the United Nations under its affiliation with the world’s largest peace organization, The World Peace Council. He is the Chair of the Greater New Haven Peace Council, a position he has held since 1985 and held a career as Associate Director of technology assessment and research at Yale University for over 20 years. Dr. Lowendorf has   He holds degrees in Cell Biology from University of Michigan and a doctorate in Biology from Case Western University.  His organization’s website is which has many news announcements and articles about the war and conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere.
Gerry Condon is the Vice President for the Executive Committee of Veterans for Peace – an international non profit composed of military veterans, their families and allies dedicated to building a culture of peace and to expose the true costs of war and conflict.   He is a Vietnam era veteran and also a war resister who spend six years in Sweden and Canada for refusing orders to fight in Vietnam. Gerry has a long history of veterans peace activism having organized the first veteran delegations to revolutionary Nicaragua in 1983 and 84. From 1993 to 1994 he worked for Pastors for Peace to organize humanitarian aid and political solidarity caravans to Cuba. For the past dozen years, he has been on the front lines supporting war resisters in Canada, Germany, the US and elsewhere from going to Afghanistan and Iraq.  The website if