Remembering Bernando LaPallo, Supercentenarian Who Passed At Age 114

Bernando LaPallo was a well-known supercentenarian who turned 114 last Fall. He lived by the creed, you are what you eat. He was a passionate testament of his healthy lifestyle and outlived his doctors and critics.

He eschewed french fries and red meat for five daily, life-giving foods – some of which included cinnamon, garlic and chocolate. He drew sustenance from high amounts of veggies, fruits and fish for most of his life and then wrote books and spoke to audiences about longevity. When reading about him, I can’t shake his warnings to never eat french fries.

His granddaughter now carries his message of health to the world:

Arizona resident, author and lecturer on the health and longevity Bernando LaPallo died in his home on December 19, 2015 in the city of Tempe in the presence of his oldest granddaughter, Erika Chamberlin. “He died quickly and without any chronic illness. His heart simply stopped beating. He followed the same daily routine the day he died as he did every single day of his life. It was simply his time to go. He was at peace with himself and his life.” says Chamberlin. LaPallo was born in Victoria, Brazil in 1901 migrating to the United States as a little boy with his father residing in Philadelphia and later New York City.

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