Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour – 01.13.22

Today’s GREEP zoom #78 features a smack-down focus on the nitty-gritty grassroots realities of getting into our election boards and making sure the Steve Bannon fascists don’t seize control of our democracy and burn it outright.
With TATONKA BRICCA, DANNY SHEEHAN, RAY MCCLENDON, LORI PESANTE and many more, we dig deep into exactly what we need to do to stop the election apparatus from being stolen.
We hear of great work being done in California, Georgia and elsewhere, with a clear eye toward what our focus must be for the coming year.
We also hear from JOHN BRAKEY and RAY LUTZ about the culmination of their amazing work in Arizona.
This week’s confirmation by the county of Maricopa and the state of Arizona that the grifter Cyber Ninjas demanding a pro-Trump recount were miles off-based is embodied in a 90+page report burying forever the idea that The Donald might’ve won that election.
This powerful, content-laden exploration of what pro-democracy forces face in 2022 sets the stage for how our movement must work if we are to emerge with something other than a Bannonite dictatorship.  JOIN US!!!