Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 03.30.17

We dissect the SOLARTOPIAN REVOLUTION in batteries, solar panels, wind machines, electric cars and more.

First we touch on the bankruptcy of Westinghouse and the terminal demise of the atomic power industry.

Then long-time solar expert SCOTT SKLAR, AMIT RONEN of George Washington University and community wind pioneer DAN JUHL run us through the spectacular range of progress and promise in renewable energy, battery technologies, electric cars and more.

From a gigantic leap in new generation batteries to an 80% drop in the price of solar panels to a new design for hybrid wind-solar-battery arrays to totally remade electric cars, the tsunami of Solartopian energy may prove too much for even Donald Trump to stop.

This trio of rare and powerful players in the green revolution gives us a unique and important detailed analysis of the only route available to a sustainable planet.

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