Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 10.26.17

We’re joined in Solartopia by DANE WATERS, remarkable world-class activist and conservationist whose work in preserving elephants ranks among the great human contributions to a better planet.

Waters is based in Florida and has an extensive career in Republican Party involvement, including long-time work with Sen. John McCain.  At the 2016 GOP Convention he pioneered an attempt to allow delegates a certain degree of freedom from Donald Trump, for which he received devastating stream of hate mail and abuse.  Dane’s opinions of Donald Trump are fully expressed in this show, and will be shared by many of our listeners.

The attempt to save the world’s elephants, Dane says, is a litmus test for our species, an opportunity to prove our worthiness to be a sane, caring player in a global eco-system that understands the value of all its organic parts.  From Myanmar and Africa to the zoos and preserves of North America, Dane’s The Elephant Project is a key piece of our right to survive.  Don’t miss this discussion.

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