Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour – 3.23.23


Our GREEGREE #130 begins with the great EMILY LEVY and the new county-based rapid result vote count program she has just unveiled.
With new computer software aiming to quickly and accurately count votes on the county level Emily hopes to avoid the impact of inevitable election inaccuracies.
We then visit the all-important April 4 Wisconsin state Supreme Court race could hold the key to the 2024 presidential and Congressional elections.
Abortion rights, gun laws, gerrymandering and voting right are all at stake in a race where in many cases over 90% of the electorate is unaware of the upcoming vote.
Emily emphasizes the need to join with the Center for Common Ground to do phone banking and other grassroots work to up the turnout. 

With TATANKA BRICCA, LARRY BENSKY and more we then plunge into the newly confirmed 1980 OCTOBER SURPRISE treason by which Ronald Reagan took the White House.
Long considered a fringe “conspiracy theory,” Texas pol Ben Barnes has recently underscored that Team Reagan did in fact promise the Iranians that if they kept American hostages until after the voting, Reagan would give them a “better deal.”
The hostages were in fact released precisely as Reagan was inaugurated, and there is no longer any doubt how that happened.
Larry then reveals hard evidence that Ron DeSantis participated in actual torture during his “service” at Guantanamo Bay.
WENDI LEDERMAN and CAROLINA AMPUDIA follow with a laundry list of the increasingly fascistic policies of DeSantis’s Florida regime.
We will follow next week with more on this crucial Wisconsin election….and with the far right shift of the DeSantis juggernaut.  
For the second hour of today’s show we take off from HEIDI HUTNER’s new WOMEN OF THREE MILE ISLAND and go deep into the nuclear power issue in anticipation of the March 28 anniversary of the 1979 accident.
To hear that presentation, check out  And we’ll see you next week!!!