The Infectious Myth – Bob Dickson on Fluoridation – 02.06.18

In episode 173 David discusses fluoridation with Bob Dickson, an MD. Calgary, one of Canada’s largest cities, has an interesting history with fluoridation, with several plebiscites before a majority was achieved in favor and then, several years later, a city council decision to remove it. A highly misleading study was published claiming that cavity rates went up faster in now …

Economic Update – Worker Coops as our Economic Future – 05.28.17

Updates on Trump’s 2018 budget, Ford’s undemocratic decisions, US opioid epidemic, Swiss vote to end nuclear power, Harley-Davidson moving jobs overseas, Canada outlaws overbooking seats on planes. Interview John Curl, author and coop worker, on importance of worker coops. Download this episode (right click and save)

Ask Beatty – 12.07.15

Today was Beatty’s birthday and she talked about the importance for all of us to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are in life currently and most importantly, where we want to go and what plans we have to reach our new goals and destination. This is an exercise that we all need to engage in from time to time.

She also discussed the importance of trying to work out differences with the significant people in our lives and not resist getting professional help when necessary. However, she stressed that under no circumstances should anyone remain in toxic, destructive, or self destructive relationships with anyone…family included.