Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 01.21.16

THE NIGHTMARE OF RADIOACTIVE WASTE has come home to roost at the SAN ONOFRE nuke reactors south of Los Angeles. The tremendous grassroots victory of the No Nukes movement in shutting this horrible plant is now followed by the harsh realities of dealing with the immense quantities of lethal radioactive fuel rods and other ridiculous residue sitting by the ocean.

So we hear from DONNA GILMORE and ACE HOFFMAN on the technical, economic and political realities of managing this material. We hear, as expected, about how Southern California Edison is doing all it can to cheap out on dealing with this stuff and what it might take to get it managed properly. See

We are then joined by MARC ASH of READER SUPPORTED NEWS for our first conversation about progressive websites on the internet. Coming out of the Al Gore campaign in 2000, Marc helped pioneer the world of disseminating important news and information. He warns, among other things, that net neutrality is not a done deal and is now under fire in federal court in Washington DC. See Harvey’s latest RSN piece at:

Stay tuned for future shows on both these incredibly important topics.

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Gary TruthKings – Porter Ranch Gas Leak Catastrophe. No Fly Zone Declared. Total Cover Up.

The Southern California gas company is now claiming they’ve “pin pointed” a massive methane leak in Porter Ranch, California. This methane leak has led to thousands of displaced families. Of course, the term “pin pointed” is being applied in a liberal sort of way. According to the LA Times. Workers were continuing to drill a relief well and had reached …