A Bowl of Soul – 09.15.17

A Bowl of Soul Broadcast – 09-16-2017 Cigarettes And Coffee – Otis Redding – R&B – 1966 Baby, Scratch My Back – Slim Harpo – Blues/R&B – 1965 Hi-Heel Sneakers – Tommy Tucker – Blues/R&B – 1964 Mr. Big Stuff – Jean Knight – R&B – 1971 Cool Jerk – The Capitols – R&B – 1966 Get Ready – Rare …

Alternative Visions – America’s Crisis: What Can Be Done? – 04.21.17

With a ‘false right populism’ of Trump replacing the previous ‘false left populism’ of Obama, Jack Rasmus raises the question ‘What Can Be Done’?  Arguing against ‘inside-outside’ strategies to reform the two dominant political parties, against spontaneous rebellions from below that dissipate with little gained, and the dead-end of fragmenting identity politics—all of which go nowhere in terms of change—Jack …

TAMARA PEARSON – Mansions and Slums: the Inequality of Living Space

Australians have the biggest homes in the world. New free-standing homes are an average 245.3 sqm – three times bigger than UK homes, and 22 times bigger than the average Hong Kong home. For Australia, this space privilege shows up the all pervasive myth that the country has no room for refugees. But for the world, there’s a deeper story …

Stephen Lendman – Bahrain: As Contemptuous Of Human Rights As America

The despotic monarchy is a US client state, home to its Fifth Fleet, supplying its regime with weapons of repression – used against anyone freely expressing views authorities want suppressed. It’s a fascist police state by any standard, run by a criminal cabal. Yet John Kerry shamelessly praised its authorities for making “meaningful progress on human rights and reconciliation” despite …

Leid Stories—The Clinton Foundation: Hillary’s Media Flacks Refuse to See the Story—08.29.16

Leid Stories, in an extended and ongoing series, has been cataloging the highly irregular and blatantly illegal practices of Bill and Hillary Clinton as the driving forces behind the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation—an international conglomerate of purported charities that have been exposed mostly as “fronts” for the solicitation and collection of billions of dollars for various projects of questionable philanthropic purpose.

Richard Davidson – The Four Keys to Well-Being

Well-being is a skill. All of the work that my colleagues and I have been doing leads inevitably to this central conclusion. Well-being is fundamentally no different than learning to play the cello. If one practices the skills of well-being, one will get better at it. Based on our research, well-being has four constituents that have each received serious scientific …

Leid Stories – 10.28.15

U.S. Foreign Policy: A History of Empire, Racism and Genocide
What informs U.S. foreign policy? Noble ideas about fostering freedom, justice and democracy all over the world? Not at all, says our guest, peace activist Robert Fantina.
U.S. foreign policy is a mere cover for military involvement and intervention, the true purposes of which are power and wealth, Fantina says.
In a wide-ranging interview, Fantina elaborates on this theme, drawing from his most recent book, Empire, Racism and Genocide: A History of U.S. Foreign Policy.