Energy Stew – Sandra Mendelson will tell us more about talking with animals – 04.06.18

Sandra is back again to tell us more about what the animals have to say. What if you worked with horses and all of a sudden started receiving telepathic messages from them? This is how it all started for Sandra Mendelson, the author of “We Walk Beside You, Animal Messages for an Awakening World”. Then it continued with other species …

The Conspiracy Guy – 01.17.18

Conspiracy Guy Show #59: Somber reflections on the life and death of Martin Luther King, Jr., remind us that great men can accomplish great things in spire of their all-too-human frailties, as was the case for MLK, RFI and JFK. William Pepper, who represented James Earl Ray, who, like Lee Oswald for JFK and Sirhan Sirhan for RFK, has unearthed …

Visionaries – 04.17.17

Visionaries – 04.17.17 April 17, 2017

“What Happened to the Enlightenment?” The late 1700s was the most momentous period in human history—the first time that there was an attempt to create people and a society based on knowledge and reason rather than on tradition. Why is that attempt under such vicious attack, particularly on college campuses?

Visionaries – 04.10.17

“John David Ebert and French Post Modern Thought.” Today we again visit with Ebert to discuss Jacques Lacan (the unconscious is structured like a language and the ego is a fiction), Michel Foucault (the cross sectional analysis of Western society with its four ages), Gilles Deleuze (the rhizome vs. the arborescent; the virtuality of the Idea that incarnates in matter; assemblages, flows), and Jacques Derrida (the end of the logocentric age). Find out what “deconstruction” is and about new notions of the “self.” Find Ebert’s 20 books on Amazon, his essays on, and his lectures on YouTube and Google+.


WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR CHILD A COOKIE IF IT CONTAINED GLYPHOSATE? Before you get into the meat of things, let’s answer a question that you don’t have yet but that you will have about 2 minutes into reading this article: “Really? It can’t be that bad, can it?” It’s natural to be skeptical about glyphosate being a threat your health. …

Connect The Dots -Dariel Garner, the subject of the book, Billionnaire Buddha by Rivera Sun – 01.11.17

Listen to Dariel Garner, the subject of the book, Billionnaire Buddha by Rivera Sun, speaking about his journey of the heart, from being a member of the .01 percent to becoming an activist living sustainably and modeling how to transition from the values of greed to joining in caring— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.

LOA Today – 09.14.16

It’s amazing that Joel and Walt have been doing the show together for nearly a year now, yet they haven’t talked about individuality and the Law of Attraction. After all, both are libertarians philosophically. So they decided that the topic was long overdue. If you really want to understand how the Law of Attraction works in your life, you MUST …

Brandon Turbeville – Terrorist Support Group Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

As if the world couldn’t get any crazier, the committee in charge of nominating prospective recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize has recently nominated a terrorist organization for the award. The White Helmets, the notorious mop-up wing of Nusra (Jobhat al-Nusra or Jobhat Fatah al-Sham) will now be in the running for not only the cash prize that comes with winning …