Economic Update – “Economics of Women Voting Trump” – 12.11.16

“Updates on Trump gutting estate tax; capitalist outrages; Trump appoints Wall Street billionaires; Green Party victory in Austria; big oil companies’ desperation; Pope Francis on equality of opportunity; Portland, OR acts against inequality. Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad on why women voted for Trump.”

LOA Today – 08.04.16

Can you get cocky when using the Law of Attraction? Absolutely yes, because being cocky or arrogant actual puts you out of alignment with your source energy, which is where all the bad stuff happens. This week we talk about the difference between “fake it ’til you make it” and “being cocky”, and how to avoid putting your wrong foot forward unintentionally.

Forget Nutraloaf—Prisoners Are Growing Their Own Food –

Scanning a prison menu is a bleak task. Common food items range from nutraloaf—a mishmash of ingredients baked into a tasteless beige block—to, rumor has it, road kill. The substandard quality of food at some correctional facilities has led to protests and hunger strikes, as in summer 2013 when nearly 30,000 California state prisoners refused food to demand, among other …


Singer, songwriter and entertainer – Mario Bonds was floored (along with most of America) Wednesday night when all three American Idol judges thought he didn’t have what it takes. For the first time, Mario talks with Mark about his performance, the judges criticism and you won’t believe what one incredibly insensitive American Idol Producer said to Mario regarding his blindness!

Not only does Mark start most of his days on a bike before sunrise – today Mark talks with Emily Piccone from Recycle A Bicycle on the numerous programs that serve both NYC youth and adults through education programs to learning bike mechanics. And Emily and Mark share why they’re passionate cyclists and the numerous positive ramifications biking and Recycle A Bicycle have on the public.

Have Mark Farrell speak at your school (K-12), college, corporation on vital topics including overcoming adversity, self entitlement, mental health, drugs/alcohol, anti-bullying-anti-teasing and more vital topics that all stem from Mark’s varied life experience.

Vandana Shiva – The Dharma of Food

Dharma” is a unique Indian concept, a gift of Indian civilisation to humanity. It has provided the compass for right action and right livelihood. There is no equivalent word in Western languages. The concept of dharma is not limited to religion — as has often been erroneously done — dharma is a concept that runs through the many spiritual threads …