LOA Daily – 03.16.18

What Are Some Words to Enhance Being Well-Being (from The Law of Attraction, Part II) Okay, now this subsection’s title is definitely weird. But it’s actually a great subsection that kicks off a series sections where Abraham gives us a bunch of terrific affirmations to promote great health, abundant wealth, fabulous relationships, joyous growth, and amazing association between one’s physical …

Progressive Commentary Hour – 03.01.18

William Binney is a former high placed intelligence officer in the US National Security Agency, or NSA, where he was a technical director in charge of a department of several thousand employees engaged in military geopolitical intelligence analysis and the creation of the NSA’s mass surveillance program. After working with the agency for over 30 years, Bill resigned and turned …

LOA Daily – 02.22.18

How Can A Person Overcome Disappointment (from The Law of Attraction, Part II) We finish up the subsection we began at the end of yesterday afternoon’s show entitled, “Can I instantly reverse my negative momentum?” Then we talk about overcoming disappointment, followed with the question: “What causes worldwide waves of unwanted events?” Download this episode (right click and save)

LOA Daily – 02.19.18

Are Not All Laws Universal Laws? (from The Law of Attraction, Section II) And how do I best utilize the Law of Attraction? These are the questions that consume the next few pages of the book. As usual, expect Wendy to have some seriously poignant stories to tell!   Download this episode (right click and save)

LOA Daily – 02.12.18

The Law of Attraction, Section II: My Omnipresent Emotional Guidance System This is the best tool we have available to us for being deliberate creators. It tells us when we’re in alignment with our inner being and therefore more able to attract and manifest what we want into our lives.   Download this episode (right click and save)

The Torch – 12.18.17

VOX is an investigative reporter and filmmaker who has been closely following allegations of Russian collusion in the election of Donald J. Trump. Vox says that the charges against Russia are exaggerated. The Russia investigation he adds is designed to undermine Trump and replace him with an even more warlike leader, probably from the Democratic party Dan Kovalik is a …