LOA Daily – 05.08.18

I Am Prepaving My Future Circumstances We also discuss the following other subsections: How The Universe Fulfills Our Diverse Desires How Does Physical Life Differ from the Non-Physical? What Prevents Every Unwanted Thought from Manifesting? Shouldn’t I Visualize the Means of Manifestations? Download this episode (right click and save)

Expat Files – 02.23.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #736- FRI, FEB 23- (02-23-2018): #1- It’s a small world after all: Gringos and expats find out quite soon that in Latin America many things like sinks, toilets, stairs and doors are pint-sized. But that’s not all. So are cloths and clothing sizes. That means apparel selection and cloths shopping can be a constant problem for …

Replenish Me – 02.22.18

In our fun conversation, Salma and I talk careers, dreams and having a family. Salma Jafri is a YouTube Certified Content Strategist and international speaker. She is the Founder of #BeTheMediaMastermind – video training academy for entrepreneurs. She is a Channel Partner and Contributor at Entrepreneur.com and host a weekly video show on You Tube called “Be the Media”. Website: …

Expat Files – 12.22.17

Descriptions for FRIDAY DEC, 22- EXPAT FILES SHOW #720, 12-22-2017 1-Advice for expat gonnabees and wannabees formulating their Plan B’s- some predictions that will affect expats in the next 5 years: It seems the vast majority of wannabees and gonnabees with a “Plan B” in mind believe the world is definitely headed for a big time reset but at the …

Expat Files – 12.08.17

#1- Driving a vehicle through Latin American country borders: Ten tips and cautions to observe (and contemplate) before trying such a  fearless stunt. #2- In Belize the locals speak English. Cool huh? Well not so fast. That also means the locals hear every complaint, comment and slur that gringo tourists and Expats utter about their country, people and culture. In …

What Women Must Know – Healing the Autoimmune Epidemic with Dr. Tom O’Bryan – 01.12.17

Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, is an internationally recognized speaker and writer on chronic disease and metabolic disorders. He organized the popular Gluten Summit in November 2013. Dr. O’Bryan has more than 30 years of experience as a functional medicine practitioner and is adjunct faculty at the Institute for Functional Medicine. He is the author of The Autoimmune Fix: How to Stop the Hidden Autoimmune Damage that Keeps You
Sick, Fat and Tired Before It Turns into Diseas


Leid Stories—No Tinsel Here! It’s ‘Free Your Mind Friday’ on Leid Stories!—12.23.16

No bows, no tinsel, no fancy wrapping. Just the plain, unvarnished truth.
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