Leid Stories—Gone Fishing in Philly: Bernie Tries to Reel ’Em In–07.26.16

And now there’s no further need to ask, “What Would Bernie Do?” In the heat of the day in Philly, Bernie Sanders went fishing. For votes. For Hillary.

Sanders’ prime-time speech at the Democratic National Convention was a repeat of the message he’d delivered earlier in the afternoon to his crestfallen delegates, who were clinging to the hope that the “revolution” they’d started together would not go down in flames, let alone with their leader as arsonist.

Leid Stories discusses Sanders’ retooled vision for the “revolution” and what we can learn from it.

MICHAEL T. MCPHEARSON – Why Do Veterans Support Donald Trump?

Two recent polls demonstrate that support for Donald Trump in the military and among veterans outpaces support for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. A May Military Times survey of active-duty troops showed Trump beating Clinton by better than a 2-to-1 margin. A Morning Consult poll of veterans and active-duty members taken later the same month showed the likely Republican nominee leading his Democratic rival …

Leid Stories – What Happened at the Democratic Party’s Convention in Nevada – 05.17.16

The Democratic Party has not yet officially reacted to widespread charges that its chaotic May 14 state convention in Las Vegas was rigged to produce a delegate victory for Hillary Clinton. But the party’s silence is stoking an avalanche of protest, especially among Bernie Sanders supporters, who have ramped up their campaign calling attention to myriad ways in which party bosses have been sabotaging Sanders’ candidacy.

Leid Stories – Election 2016: Ahead of Primary, All Presidential Candidates Are In A New York Frame of Mind – 04.14.16

Going into the high-stakes, delegate-rich April 19 New York primary, presidential hopefuls are leaving nothing to chance. They’re all over the Empire State, working their circuits and trolling for votes. A hurriedly arranged CNN “debate” between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tonight in Brooklyn is trumping (pardon the pun) all other events the Democratic candidates have scheduled. On the Republican side, Donald Trump is making the most of his hometown brand.

Leid Stories discusses the importance of the New York primary, especially to those who reject duopoly politics.

Rob Kall – Bernie Didn’t Win New Hampshire. No Joke.

It’s true. Bernie earned 15 delegates by winning 62.5% of the Democratic vote– the bottom up democratic way. But Hillary also received 15 delegates. The difference is, she earned 9 delegates and the undemocratic, top down Democratic Party– provides a system that prevents the people from electing people– enabled her to have six superdelegates. That makes the New Hampshire delegate …