Leid Stories—Remembering Activist Linda Brown and Why We Must Continue to Fight Against Educational Apartheid—03.27.18

Linda Brown’s parents, Leola and Oliver Brown, wanted to enroll their 9-year-old daughter in an elementary school just a few blocks from their home in Topeka, Kansas. The school refused to admit her; instead, Brown’s parents were advised to send their daughter to an all-black school clear across town. Thus began a protracted legal battle that confronted, and finally broke, …

Resistance Radio – Carrie Culp – 03.26.17

Carrie Culp is the founder and director of Painted Dog Research Trust USA. She fell in love with African painted dogs after reading about them in a book she found in her elementary school library. She is a FGASA certified Level 1 Field Guide (Safari Guide), trained in South Africa in Karongwe Game Reserve and enjoys sharing her passion for African wildlife on trips to Africa as well as at home in Seattle, WA. Today we talk about critically endangered African painted dogs.

Lindsay Sheehan – 20 Plants To Grow In Your Moonlight Garden

Often, gardens are planned with only the daytime in mind. Under the light of the sun, many plants show off their rich colors, gorgeous textures, and stunning shapes. A world in miniature, this is typically the time of day when the garden is abuzz with activity – the birds are singing, the bees are darting from flower to flower, the …

Leid Stories—Detroit: The Systematic Destruction of Education; Still Under the Yoke of Bankruptcy—08.24.16

With the summer break ending, school districts all across the country are humming with activity, preparing for a new school year. Not so in Detroit, where the state’s largest school district, still under state-imposed emergency management, remains mired in a series of overlapping crises—fiscal, political, administrative and pedagogical—that appear certain to doom any hopes for a productive new year.

When It Comes to Public Schooling, US Gets a Failing Grade

When it comes to supporting public education and investing in opportunities for students in K-12 schools, most of the U.S. gets a failing grade. The Network for Public Education (NPE), a reform group co-founded by education advocate Diane Ravitch, on Tuesday issued its annual “state report card,” analyzing states on six criteria: resistance to privatization, the professionalization of teaching, school …


Are kids from more religious families more or less altruistic than their peers from less-religious families? That’s what a high-profile new study from University of Chicago neuroscientist Jean Decety and a global crew of collaborators sought to determine. In the course of the study, published in the journal of Current Biology, the researchers use something called the “children’s dictator game,” a.k.a. stickerpalooza. Here’s how it worked: Step one. Go …

Let’s Create A Better World – 11.21.15

Dr. Loraine Day discusses her experience in getting cancer, becoming aware of cancer, and overcoming cancer on her own. Host Bobby Elias and co-host Stefan Rudolph discuss with her the power we have to prevent dis-ease in our life and the 10 steps of what it takes to get well. These steps include exercise, fitness and water and how important it is to fuel our Self with enough water for our body and our brain. Also the importance of Sunshine, vitamins, sleep and more and how we have to be aware of what we are putting into our system and the side effects and repercussions the wrong “fuel” can and will have on us and what we can do in order to overcome dis-ease and obstacles in life. Dr. Day’s book “I will give you back your health again” is reviewed, along with her other work and what she’s done over the years to help others grow in health, vitality and wellness. Join us for a great show today on “Let’s Create a Better World!”

Fearless Parent Radio – Gentle Parenting is Fearless – 10.21.15

Do you view parenting as largely a fear-based exercise?

Left to their own devices, will children revert to a Lord of the Fliesethos?

Are kids inherently naughty and boorish?

Were you raised by time outs, consequences, spankings, or behavior charts?

Do you believe they’ll be grateful for your firm hand and “tough love” when they grow up?

What if the strict rule-oriented adversarial, “manipulation not friendship” parenting model isn’t quite right for your kids?