Ask Beatty – 09.12.16

Are you at risk for suicide?   If your answer is yes, don’t miss Beatty’s advice about what you should do BEFORE it’s too late.  Are you suffering with erectile dysfunction?  Your erection problems may be symptomatic of other serious medical problems that Beatty discusses today. And if you are having difficulties with ongoing mental health issues, the very best thing …

Love Lust And Laughter – 03.29.16

Dr. Dudley Danoff MD, a world renowned urologist returned to the program for the eighth time ( For everything you’ve wanted to know about PREMATURE EJACULATION and ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION please listen to this show! Dr. Danoff and Dr. Diana discussed what’s “normal,” how to get checked, what helps, medications that may work, and the influence of stress/anxiety. The female partner may worry that her man no longer finds her attractive – or may be having an affair. Others become dissatisfied with the frequency or quality of their sex lives; so, sex becomes a stressor. As a result, some couples just avoid the subject – and the act – entirely. Dr. Danoff has been in practice for over 40 years; as a result, he has some excellent advice for PE, ED, as well as for relationships and communication! Listening to this program and getting his book could be life changing for your sexual relationship!

Leid Stories – 01.14.16

Fade to Blacks: Clinton, Sanders Troll for Black Votes in Early Primaries
As the 2016 presidential race kicks into gear with early primaries, so does the mad dash for votes. For Republican and Democratic candidates, South Carolina is a critical proving ground. GOP hopefuls will face off in a two-tiered Q&A session—their sixth so-called “debates”—tonight at the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center. The Democrats will have their slugfest, their fourth, in Charleston on the 17th, but they’ve ramped up their presence and are aggressively trolling for votes—black votes, specifically—in this historically Democratic stronghold. Leid Stories expands on a previous commentary on the significance of South Carolina’s black vote.