Ask The Blood Detective – Health And Healing – 03.03.18

Health and healing questions that you must know is a comprehensive interview style education. Join Dr. Michael Wald as he’s interviewed by a nursing student about common questions, issues and concerns regarding health, healing, and other essential health topics. Dr Wald can be reached by calling 914-552-1442. Send Dr Wald your questions, or to schedule as a patient, but emailing him …

Leid Stories—Is There Hope for Third Parties in the U.S. Two-Party World?; The Electoral College: An Impediment to Democracy?—08.25.16

Election 2016 should be the Year of the Third Parties, given the palpable dissatisfaction among voters, building over several years, with both the Democrats and the Republicans. Yet the duopoly dominates the field of political choice, as they do the political process. In this respect, this election cycle remarkably will be like previous elections—essentially a contest between two wings of the same flightless bird, with only token opposition from “third” parties.


The hottest news in animal life right now is a story about “religious” chimpanzees. A group of researchers believes that chimps may be engaging in ritualistic, but seemingly purposeless, stone throwing behaviors. Originally reported in the journal Nature as suggestive evidence that there may be more parallels between human and non-human ritualistic behavior than previously thought, the story has been feverishly touted by news …

The Gary Null Show – 08.18.15

Having grown up in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, Reverend James Stern is an African American pastor and civil rights activist devoted to racial justice and reconciliation between the Blacks, Whites and other races. He is the founder of No Color Inc and Racial Reconciliation. His community work has included facilitating dialogues between the black community and Korean shop owners following the 1992 LA riots, brokering a truce between the Crips and the Bloods and founding a community banking system within the NAACP. In addition, James has a particularly unique history. Having been incarcerated in Mississippi for mail fraud he found himself sharing a prison cell with the former Ku Klux Klan wizard and recruiting officer Edgar Ray Killen. Previously Killen had been sentenced to 60 years for masterminding the murders of three civil rights workers in 1964. That story later became dramatized in the film Mississippi Burning. During the course of James’ and Killen’s developing relationship, James became the klansman’s confessor and Killen confided many secrets in conversation and letters about the Klan and its history that remain relatively unknown. His website is

The Native American Genocide and the Teaching of US History

When the term “genocide” is uttered in mainstream school environments, it usually refers to the Jewish Holocaust, or to other genocides committed in the 20th century: Turkey, Stalin’s Russia, Nanking, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina. But in many US classrooms, the United States is left out of the list of countries where genocide has occurred. And so, when the College Board decided …