Kashmir’s High Price for Demanding Independence

At his home in Baramulla, in Indian-administered Kashmir, my father tuned his old Philips radio to Radio Pakistan. The people of Kashmir turn to the station in moments of despair or distress, of which there is no shortage. It was early July, and a gentle voice came on: the crescent moon had been seen and therefore the festival of Eid …

Megha Bahl & Sharmila Purkayastha – Lynch And Burn: Hindutva’s Slaughter Methods

On 18th October 2015, Zahid Ahmed Bhat succumbed to his burn injuries in New Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital. Bhat, a resident of Batengoo, Anantnag district, was a nineteen year old cleaner of a truck that was set on fire on the night of 9th–10th October 2015 by a Hindu mob in Udhampur town on suspicion of cattle smuggling and cow slaughter. …

PAUL THEROUX – The Hypocrisy of ‘Helping’ the Poor

EVERY so often, you hear grotesquely wealthy American chief executives announce in sanctimonious tones the intention to use their accumulated hundreds of millions, or billions, “to lift people out of poverty.” Sometimes they are referring to Africans, but sometimes they are referring to Americans. And here’s the funny thing about that: In most cases, they have made their fortunes by …

Project Censored – 09.08.15

Authors Mark Pilisuk and Jennifer Rountree discuss their new book, “The Hidden Structure of Violence:
Who Benefits From Global Violence and War.” They contend that organized violence is not an inescapable
part of human existence, but is organized and carried out by the dominant social order to enhance its own power.
In the second half of the program, Tara Dorabji joins in to explain how violence and social control are wielded in
two of the world’s occupied lands, Palestine and Kashmir, and the role women play in preserving life and culture
in those areas, despite the occupiers’ brutality.

Marc Pilisuk teaches at Saybrook University; Jennifer Rountree works at the National Indian Child Welfare Association;
Tara Dorabji works at Youth Radio and is a contributor to the forthcoming Project Censored 2016.