Vijay Prashad – We Owe It to the Victims of the Latest Bombing Tragedy in Turkey to Ask Why These Attacks Happened

Tragedies are tragedies. Ordinary people stand at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. Guns and bombs shatter their lives in an instant. There can be no justification for such violence. It is dangerously random and wicked. Whatever frustrations produce the assailants, nothing could possibly draw a straight line from those grievances and the misfortunes they produce. Each of these attacks …

Leid Stories – 01.25.16

Post-Blizzard, It’s the Political Climate That’s Being Watched

Post-blizzard weather may be big news, but the political climate is our focus today. On the cusp of the Feb. 1 Iowa Caucus and five other early-voting primaries next month, the first electoral barometers in the 2016 presidential race are consuming media attention. President Barack Obama weighs in with his own interpretation of the significance of the race for his replacement, and Leid Stories’ listeners interpret his interpretation.