Visionaries – 05.08.17

“What’s Up With Science?” We recently had a march for science — ok, most of us are in favor of science, but it looked like that was really a march to support political correctness and to protect big funding for labs that do — who knows what? “Science” has become a buzz word for one’s favorite politics. Let’s look into …

Meria Heller Show – 06.05.16

Tragedy and Hope returns with Meria Heller and Richard Grove. They speak about Little Lucas, Another reason to do what we do, Freedom/Tyranny/Collectivism, Political correctness, First amendment (tee shirts here), Elections – voting for slavery, True History, Project Constellation, Secrets being revealed, ”Lords of War”-Anglo-American establishment, BRICS nations, Zika and Olympics-experiment? Listening to the noise instead of the signal, Brave New World, Dystopia or Utopia, Rothschilds, World War 3 and economy, Smedley Butler, All wars are bankers wars, CFR, 9/11/01, Saudi’s on 9/11 and much more.

Infectious Myth – War Peace and Lesser Concerns – 12.08.15

In Episode 82 David discusses the causes of violence around the world, particularly gun violence in the United States. He also addresses political correctness, in the form of campus protests, good and bad, and also the notion of “Cultural Appropriation”. And speaking of politically correct, he addresses science that is politically correct, but perhaps not scientifically correct.