Replenish Me – 01.04.18

Shari Khan, for more than 25 years, has worked with hundreds of people to support them in developing the right skills and behaviours to succeed at work. Although her educational background is in Chemistry, she says, it is what” got me interested in relationships and reactions.” Put two different substances together and watch them change colour, fizz, or even let …

The Personal Computer Radio Show – 05.31.17

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Broadcast on the INTERNET 6:00 PM ET   TIP OF THE WEEK o   Amazon One Click Transaction TIP: IN THE NEWS: o   WannaCry Update o   Android Malware ‘Judy’ Hits as Many as 36.5 Million Phones o   Supreme Court ruling gives green light for hardware modders o   Intel Corporation’s Upcoming Low-Cost Chip Looks Great FEATURE SEGMENTS o   Health Technology – Dr Alfred …

Michael Roberts – The Age Of Political Stupid

As humankind progression goes we’re in an incredible technological age. As an evolved species about 200,000 years on a planet as old as 4.5 billion years, we’ve boldly gone into space, killed off diseases that hitherto wreaked havoc on the earth and, hopefully, we’ve learned from the carnage of the past and now have less and less an appetite for …

Did You Know That A Houseplant Has The Energy To Charge A Smart Phone?

These Guys Figured Out How to Turn House Plants Into Phone Chargers (UR) Barcelona, Spain — Solar power, as we know, is a great source of energy: it’s renewable, it comes from the sun — the list goes on. Unlike humans, nature has “known” that the sun is a fantastic energy generator for, well, ever. Photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert solar power into …

Leid Stories – 01.29.16

Get It Off Your Chest! Have Your Say and Free Our Minds!
Help us all free our minds by bringing to this open forum your perspective on issues raised on Leid Stories this week or on any subject you think deserves further discussion and debate. It’s “Free Your Mind Friday,” and it’s all about listeners’ opinions and ideas. Call in (888-874-4888) and have your say.

NDC Savings Club – 09.09.15

Today Show: Secure your Policies Information

Guest Speaker: Mary & John Sullivan – Owners

2MyPolicies holds your family’s essential insurance information as well as contact information of essential service providers. 2MyPolicies can help keep you organized and simplify all your important documents on every Smart phone in the family. Keep everything in one place that’s easy to use, access and maintain. Great for busy families trying to manage all types of information from various insurance carriers and service providers. And the entire family accesses the information for the same affordable monthly subscription.

Using modern technology, Doctors are once again making house calls and at a fraction of the usual cost or typical insurance costs. Now you and your loved ones can have access to a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no contracts – cancel anytime with unlimited number of calls and unlimited consulting time – unlike Doctor on Demand

Health News Segment with: Dr. Wald, director of Longevity at Integrated Medicine
Today Topic: Part 3 Autism Epidemic/ASD – 6 Part Series

The Autism/ASD Epidemic is a profound, eye-opening series of short, informative and practical talks presented by the Dr. Michael Wald – nicknamed the Blood Detective. Dr. Wald explores the criteria for autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), talks about potential causes from all angles and critically evaluates both medical and nutritional and natural treatments.

Attention Span is Shortening Significantly by the Year – But Why? – Robert Harrington

A study from Microsoft involving more than 2,000 people has found that the average attention span has dipped to a low 8 seconds – down from 12 seconds in 2000. A goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds. There are many effects from smartphones and the like on the human body which are never written about. Information technology (IT) is much …

The Burden of Denial

It occurred to me the other day that quite a few of the odder features of contemporary American culture make perfect sense if you assume that everybody knows exactly what’s wrong and what’s coming as our society rushes, pedal to the metal, toward its face-first collision with the brick wall of the future. It’s not that they don’t get it; …

Light at night can have serious effects

It’s incredibly hard to sleep when light seeps through your curtains or your phone glows from the bedside table. But more and more research is finding that artificial light may be more than annoying. It can be very unhealthy too. The natural 24-hour cycle of daylight and darkness keeps our circadian biological rhythms in alignment. When those rhythms get out of whack, studies have …