LOA Today – 07.28.16

Desperate to make the Law of Attraction work for you? That’s what’s holding you back. An attitude of desperation only insures that what you want won’t happen. Instead, all you’ll get back is more reasons to feel desperate. But overcoming feelings of desperation is easier said that done, particularly if you have real reason to be desperate. That’s why this …

LOA Today – 07.21.16

The news is 99.9% negative. Life is 99.9% positive. So why do you spend so much time watching and reading the news? This week, we talk about how Joel has eliminated the news from his “daily diet” and the positive results that have come about because of this change. He shares his secret how anyone can easily make the same change and wean themselves off all that negativity every day.

LOA Today – 07.14.16

It’s amazing how we can run with just the simplest of topics. This week, we talk about “the details”. That’s it … just the details. Yet in the course of such a “weak” topic, we manage to quickly turn it into a discussion of our dream for building a huge national audience for our show, how people we know have dealt with tremendous adversity by not getting dragged down by the details, and how to turn the details from being your enemy into being your friend. Crazy? Like a fox! Don’t miss this one.

LOA Today – 06.16.16

Computers can be frustrating for a lot of people, but it’s how you react when the computer doesn’t behave the way you want it to behave that determines how slowly or how quickly the problem will get resolved.

This week we talk about avoiding getting stuck on repetitive behaviors, like getting frustrated every time the computer doesn’t work the way we expect it to work, by learning to look for destructive patterns in our own lives so we can put them aside in favor of new, more positive behaviors.

LOA Today – 05.26.16

It’s Spring! What kind of Spring are you having? Is it gorgeous weather, blue skies, temps in the 70s, and little puffy white clouds? Or is your Spring filled with rain? It really doesn’t matter. This week, we talk about ways that people we know (including ourselves) take steps to feel upbeat and positive at all times, regardless of what the weather is doing.

LOA Today – 05.19.16

In this day and age, it’s very easy for people to develop counterproductive habits that become deeply engrained in our nervous systems and our psyches, to the point where we often feel that we can’t overcome them. In this week’s show, we talk about what to do to overcome them and how you can turn these seeming disadvantages into advantages.