The Expat Files 2.11.24

#1- JOHNNY’S MARCH 2024 EXPAT INSIDER SEMINAR IS A GO:It will take place on Friday, March 8th thru Friday, March 15th, 2024.For seminar details and sign-up info go to and click on the seminar link or click on the link below or paste it in your browser:

#2-101 ways to get the hell out of Dodge

#3- How nice, straight arrow Gringos and Expats deal with Latin American corruption:      

#4- Stupid is as stupid does:When gringos make terrible life choices    

#5- Wheelchair bound in Latin America -Part 2:

#6- A word about that tiny but ubiquitous “maid’s quarters in your house or apartment:

#7- What I love about Latin American “Lag Time”:

#8- Our own Expat Captain Mango has developed a unique one-on-one Crypto consulting and training service (he’s been deep into crypto since 2013). To get started, email him at: 

#9– Be sure to pick up my newly updated, “LATIN AMERICAN HEALTHCARE REPORT”:

The new edition for 2024 (and beyond) is available now, including the latest “Stem Cell Clinic” info and data and my top picks for the best treatment centers for expats and gringos. Just go to