The Gary Null Show – 01.23.23

Videos :

  1. UK Doctors Call For Government To Urgently Pause and Investigate the Use of Novel mRNA Covid Vaccines (18:00)
  2. Fauci previously said an AIDS vaccine wasn’t happening because they didn’t know if “all hell would break loose” 12 years later with side effects. (0:28)
  3. Hospitals are paid to KlLL patients during the C0VID-19 pLandemic (1:57)
  4. SHOCKING FOIA DOCUMENTS: COVID Pandemic Was a Secret DoD Operation dating back to Obama Administration (Start @ 43:58 – End )
  5. Supercut: Please Meet President George Santos (4:04)
  • Research Confirms Ayurvedic Spice Good for Prostate
  • Gut Bacteria Could be Key to Preventing Alzheimer’s
  • ‘Unprecedented in its potential impact’: Could new anti-cancer study re-ignite the kava market?
  • The Case for Eating Pulses
  • People with cluster headaches more likely to have other illnesses, study finds
  • Vitamin D improves symptoms of toxic erythema during chemotherap