The Gary Null Show Notes 9.18.23


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The Social Terrorism of the Intellectual Killing Fields

by Gary Null PhD and Richard Gale

The Balkanization of the US by warring ideological divisions has expended all of their energies that could have been constructively used to bring unity. We face numerous crises including public health and education, destruction of the environment, food security, inflation, etc. Instead the nation’s deficit of clear attention has been focused on social sundries as if the preservation of western civilization, and humanity itself, were dependent upon racial, ethnic and gender identities. For example the very idea that every white person on the planet is born a white-privileged racist is a violation of psychological insanity, yet a significant mass of Americans believe this.  The Second World War should have taught us that no one has the right to determine genetic superiority or inferiority. These are mental constructs used solely for political, social and ideological ends. The new rules are being written by a small group of race hustlers who are determined to define the standards for national identity and policy. And it seems they are so far succeeding. This is a lethal game of intellectual decadency bereft of any legitimate morality.

Today the archetype of racism is the antiracist. Anti-fascists are the exemplary fascists. If you are a traditional feminist and disagree with men alchemically transmuting into biological women, you are a “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” or TERF, a derogatory name used to dehumanize any woman who disagrees with the new gender ideology. These new postmodern incarnations of the Weimar Republic’s German Social Democrat youth corps have a limited knowledge of history.  In demonstrations across the US and Europe, protestors robotically wave or dress in the flag of Ukraine, evidently unknowing that the Eastern European nation has become the leader of a new brand neo-Nazism following the US-supported coup in 2014. But nobody wants to see or acknowledge the clear evidence available to everyone. In the 1930s, fighting the rise of fascism was a noble cause; today, it is preferable to blindfold ourselves and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Thus a small and very vocal segment of the radicalized communities morphed into a self-centered pathology with only one intention: to destroy anyone’s reputations before giving them a forum to have a civil, open debate. Many individuals’ reputations including scholars, philosophers, ethicists, and a large segment of social activists have had their careers cancelled, their reputations trashed, and their futures stunted or obliterated. Where is the justice for these individuals? It does not exist. In fact, just some of the names of people who were historic liberal democrats, including Naomi Wolf, Chris Hedges, Abby Martin, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate, Jimmy Dore, Matt Taibbi, Joe Rogan, and countless other less known journalists, reporters, and educators. Consequently, the social advocacy that was spurred by these new age neocons was exploited by others to serve as a tool for social control. This was later adopted by the woke social movements. Without question, all individuals have the right to be heard. However, the ideologues have total control over all social platforms including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, and YouTube. All contrary speech has been banned; all rights to present your information on any topic has been thwarted and limited by these platforms’ algorithms and political intervention, to maintain control of the narrative. 

The question is how many social movements driven by selfish individualist desires for reaching nefarious goals gained the attention of ruling powers that were able to capitalize on such grassroots foolishness for their own ends to increase their control and power?

Revolutions are strategized and launched usually by small groups of individuals rather than the majority.  Often they begin with a handful of radical intellectuals who compose treatises such as White Fragility, How to be an Antiracist, and 1619, that capture the subconscious angst and anger of larger segments in society. For example, without the printing press, Martin Luther could not have led the Protestant Reformation in 1517. In his Ninety-Five Theses tacked on the castle cathedral in Wittenberg Germany would have been just another lonely, unread piece of parchment if it were not for the printing press to have them distributed to the masses. Today social media is the most powerful printing press that enables radical ideas to go viral with lightning speed to millions of people. Name any topic – climate change, class struggle, immigration, pandemic policies, and war – and we find warring divisions pitted against each other with no centralized safe space for civil dialogue. But there is never a winner in any of these struggles at the populist level. Instead, the spoils are reaped by the powerful that have identified the means to use the civil hate-filled diatribes to their advantage. Then the worst of their plundered loot, at the expense of the average citizen, becomes codified into laws.  Canada’s little dictator, Justin Trudeau, is a prime example of a new Orwellian Canada whose dystopian standards will flood over our border shortly. In fact, they already have.

All discourse, or the lack thereof, has moved into the virtual realm. It is for that reason that social media has become an uncontrollable behemoth that now transcends any humanly possible means to control. And for this reason, powerful political, intelligence and corporate forces are determined to exert whatever control they can seize over what we can and cannot read or have access to in order to commandeer what we can and cannot think. Several years ago, few people realized that companies like Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street own financial control over nearly every commodity, financial service and transaction in our lives. Minus a standing military, these private corporations are collectively far more powerful and wealthy than any developed nation. Yet this is the new reality and people assume it is completely inconsequential.

No doubt, political powers noticed an opportunity to advance their social control over the public, which always works in their favor when they can keep the population divided and in hot-tempered combat, by capitalizing on our collective ignorance. Consequently, woke and multi-gender agendas are being institutionalized across elementary schools, university campuses, workplace and the military under the pretense of contributing to an all-inclusive civilized society. Yet in which functioning society has a small minority ruled over the majority while sustaining a social justice system? Communist China?

What is currently missing from any civil discourse in the growing wars of ideas is what we have accomplished over the decades.  As a nation, we suffer from historical amnesia. It is not simply a matter of rewriting history – in which at times it does need to be rewritten after new evidence reaches consensus – however, today history is composed on a whim, a momentary flight of imagination, and for whatever purpose it serves at this moment. Thus we float in the dark waters of an intellectual blackout, when history books are replaced by multi-gender sexual comic books.

Yet despite all the improvements that still need to be made to return to a functioning culture, there are the achievements that need to be resurrected in our consciousness: the decades long struggle for civil rights, women’s suffrage, the voting rights of Native Americans, a working wage, the times when everyone had the potential to own a home, etc. Through enormous effort by empathetic and compassionate activities from all groups, minorities who were denied access to basic human rights and honorable employment achieved those opportunities. We’ve forgotten about the 14th Constitutional amendment that gave Blacks equal protection under the law and the 15th amendment gave them the right to vote.  Or the 1954 Supreme Court decision to ban school segregation and Eisenhower’s 1957 Civil Rights Act that would federally prosecute anyone from preventing an American citizen from voting. These policies, achieved only through great moral diligence, enriched our culture. And yet today it is as if it never happened. In fact these same laws are violated without impunity.

Sadly, a large percentage of Americans know the truth perfectly well but are fearful to speak forth. This is why no institution is capable of reversing course to restore the riches lost. Rather, the alternative is that our public and private institutions worsen until they collapse in public disgrace. Perhaps then something may change for the better.