The Labour coup is unravelling fast, and unwittingly hands the party back to those who built it

Jeremy Corbyn has lost a Vote of No Confidence, with 172-40 Labour MPs voting against him remaining as leader of the party. But celebrating MPs might wish to put the champagne back in the fridge, because this is more likely the beginning of their end, not Corbyn’s.

When Jeremy Corbyn first stood for leader of the party, these MPs told us he didn’t stand a chance. He won with the greatest landslide of any Labour leader in history, including Tony Blair.

In the days after his election, these same politicians told us the party was doomed. Instead, membership of the party doubled, Labour put in a solid performance in the local elections, and pulled ahead in the polls.

This week, they’re saying that Corbyn is unelectable and moving to replace him with another faceless, soulless Blairbot like Yvette Cooper.

Once more, all the signs are suggesting this Westminster cabal is so far removed from the opinion of much of the country that it is almost laughable.

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