The Progressive Commentary Hour 7.9.24

Prof David Hughes is a senior lecturer of international relations at the University of Lincoln in the UK, where he specializes and teaches on psychological warfare, political propaganda, the deep state, Covid-19, technology, US imperialism and global class relations. David holds two master degrees from Oxford University and earned two doctorates: a PhD in German Studies from Duke University and a second PhD in international relations from Oxford Brookes University. He has taught at several British universities. David has authored two important books. His book “Covid-19, Psychological Operations and the War for Technocracy” documents the silent coup of global psychological class warfare behind the Covid-19 pandemic to demoralize and disorient the public. His most recent book released earlier this month is “Wall Street, the Nazis and the Crimes of the Deep State” analyzes the parallels between the coordinated government and medical authorities’ response to pandemic with the Third Reich policies during the prewar years leading up to the second world war — including suspension of constitutional rights, draconian legislation, surveillance, censorship and political regimes’ corruption of science.