The Torch – 12.27.17

Tom Clements; Director of Savannah River Site Watch

Savannah River Site Watch is a citizen environmental group aimed at
following events at the Savannah River Site where plutonium was
produced for nuclear weapons during the Cold War. It’s now the
location a major clean up. Clements says that leaked documents show
that the government is considering using Savannah River to make
thousands of “plutonium pits” the trigger mechanism of nuclear
weapons. This would reverse a decades old consensus on reducing the
nuclear stock pile and begin the process of building more nuclear

Sam Menefee-Libey of the Dead City Legal Posse

The Dead City Legal Posse, a group that organizes support and
advocates for the J20 defendants on today’s acquittal of the first 6
defendants and the threat to basic freedoms in this unjust
prosecution. Prosecutors vow to continue cases against 188 more
protesters. J20 protesters were “herded” and “kettled” as they
protested non-violently. Among those arrested were reporters and
livestreams who were singled-out by the government which is apparently
creating justifications for further repression.


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