Warrior Connection- 05.23.18

This show began with guest Patricia Axelrod of The Peoples’ Advocate/Desert Storm Think Tank and ALL Veterans’ Advocate revealing her work with a whistle blowing high ranking VA doctor who has complained to regional and onsite VA Supervisory and Directorship Personnel about extraordinary  shortage of medical equipment , instruments, support  and technical staff impairing the quality of care he is able to provide for his veteran patients.  Axelrod went on to inform listeners of the VA retaliatory persecution and prosecutorial efforts the VA has launched against him as he has now been charged  by the VA with ‘creating a hostile environment in a Federal workplace’.  The VA has sworn the doctor to secrecy in the matter even though they have already begun hearings against him for which he was denied access to counsel or adviser. Axelrod complaints of wrong doing to the VA Office of Special Counsel (VAOSC) who has statutory supervisory oversight of these hearings has resulted in VAOSC failure to act in accordance with their own law.  Host Rokke related his first hand knowledge of whistle-blower retaliation  after which the show segued into military base  toxic contamination.