Warrior Connection – 12.13.15

The December 13 edition of Warrior Connection was a discussion between co-hosts Ray Clark and Doug Rokke with John Boch of GSL Defense Training on self defense- family protection- awareness and then force- on-force training for civilians. www.GSLDefenseTraining.com. We discussed situational awareness and how to protect your family and yourself during various threat situations as you go about your daily life. Sadly if you dial 911 looking for help police response may be or  will be to late so this provides you some idea of how to protect your family within legal frameworks.

Critical Threat Management

Comprehensive Force-on-Force training to overcome a violent attack

Course purpose

GSL Defense Training’s Critical Threat Management course integrates multiple layers of practical, defensive tactics to help keep you and your loved ones safer.

If you have the misfortune of being involved in a life threatening encounter with a criminal predator, you will need a different set of skills and experiences than are available from even the best concealed carry class, or any day at the range.

Criminal attacks can take the form of attempted armed robbery, battery, home invasion, mugging, or even just a fine, upstanding young gang member given a promotional opportunity and you’re the lucky victim that represents prestige and a promotion for him (or her).

Acting competently, lawfully and responsibly in dangerous and stressful situations is uncomfortable, emotional, challenging – and at times just plain scary. Force-on-Force training is not something that most people will want to do, but the skills we’ll teach you will help you avoid a bad situation and if it comes to you despite your efforts to avoid it, this training will help you prevail in a violent situation and keep your loved ones safe as well.  And this is just one of a tiny handful of training schools across the nation offering this training to civilians like you.


Remember, you don’t chose to be a victim.  You wouldn’t knowingly invite bad people into your life.  Criminal attack is forced upon the innocent by lawless individuals or groups and you are the first responder that can help yourself or those you love.

This class is designed to help you understand the behaviors of those wanting to do you harm and help you decipher the signals you are sending out to the predators – and teach you the signals you should be sending out.  We tell you the areas in your life where you will be more likely to be attacked and how to avoid victimization there.  We teach you how to look after your safety and those around you, as well as how to treat some of the injuries that can occur in these events.

GSL Defense Training’s Force-on-Force class offers you exactly our name – defensive training – in context and in a way that everyone involved can be safe in class and safer in life.



What does Force-on-Force training offer?  

It allows safe moving and shooting in dealing with bad guy aggressors, scattered among innocents.  These are not stationary paper targets, but living, breathing, thinking targets that can “hurt” you, inflicting a pain penalty for failure in the form of airsoft pellet strikes.  This pain penalty helps students learn the value of situational awareness, good tactics, and good decision making to make the best of a bad situation.

This cutting-edge, state of the art advanced training offers many benefits, which is why it is so popular with law-enforcement and the military.

Stress inoculation

  • Familiarizes you with your body’s reaction to the experience to a degree as you experience fear
  • Experience with the physiological and psychological changes: diminished coordination, tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, tachypsychia (altered perception of time), cognitive dissonance (remembering things out of order), selective memory loss, and other effects of stress


Mental preparation

  • Creates mental “note cards” or experiences to draw on
  • How to handle stressful situations, witnesses, injured victims, law enforcement, media, and more

Mindset issues

  • Never give up!
  • Fight through the pain.


  • Use of sound tactics in the form of concealment, cover, and movement
  • The importance of movement
  • De-escalation and disengagement
  • Effective carry techniques
  • Importance of maintaining reactionary gap / Tueller Drill
  • Communication skills
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced situational awareness strategies
  • Positive threat identification
  • Pre-incident indicators
  • Pre-assault cues
  • Avoidance

Asymmetric tactics

Interactions with perpetrators,witnesses, responding police officers, and the media

Gun Handling and Concealed Carry

You will see what works and what doesn’t in gear and clothing, carry techniques and positioning of gear.  Students will be encouraged to “carry” in this course as they plan to carry in everyday life.

One-handed, instinctive shooting and shooting on the move 


Unarmed self-defense tactics and Krav Maga combatives