Wise Women- Lisa Bravo

Lisa Bravo with her horses Mystic & Koa transform and heal the energetic, physical and emotional body. Horsewisdomguidance.com Equine Therapy.
Lisa Bravo is an empathic, compassionate, intuitive & insightful healer with the capacity to read the energetic signature of each person. Together with her horses Mystic and Koa they align with  the energetic channels of each individual’s unique energetic signature in which all energy flows through. These channels are located in the meridians of the body and often hold past emotional & physical trauma that left unattended causes Dis-ease in the body. Together we journey into these areas of the meridians that are blocked, the horses guide us on a journey locating the areas where there is stuck energy and gently help us to release and heal.

My experience with Lisa,  Koa and Mystic equine therapy was really powerful and profound.The healing I experienced is multi -layered but really dove deep into root issues around foundation and feeling safe.The horses tuned right into my energy field and could feel their power feeling me which was anxiety and instability.The way their mannerisms and reactions as sacred beings are very pronounced and very precise. Although they can’t speak in English, they are speaking through their telepathy and energy combined with their movements.They helped bring up a lot of repressed fear of feeling unsafe and to lean into that deeper feeling trapped and tangled in an ongoing cycle of not feeling safe and living my life on a shaky foundation.Lisa lead and held space with a lot of love and compassion as well as using her intuitive abilities with the horses to guide and give insight into deeper integration.Overall, it was a beautiful experience and I look forward to doing it again.Thank you Lisa, Koa and Mystic –Sincerely- Andrew Daniel Cates