The Vinyl Experience – 03.27.15

New Decemberists, Live and rare Police, REM and Dire Straits in the 80s, a soul classic morphs into a few different songs…… Decemberists: Lake Song Police: Landlord/Next To You (Live The Bottom Liner NYC 4/4/79) REM: Driver  8 (live Seattle 6/27/84 Dire Straits: Money For Nothing (Prince’sTrust 6/20/86) Joy Of Cooking: Laugh Don’t Laugh Daryl Hall: Sacred Songs They Might …

Leid Stories – 03.29.15

Talk Takes Center Stage at Leid Stories’ “Family Reunion” It’s a family reunion on Leid Stories!  We’re together again! We’ve had a too-long dry spell, unable to connect with each other and talk about the issues of the day. Well,  the tech and wiring wizards have done their thing, and we’re good to go while PRN prepares to move into …

Giving away our truth – Energy Stew interview with Wendy Treynor – 03.27.15

Many people live in compromise for their social survival. It might not help the body survive.

Social approval might be a fine way to achieve happiness but it all depends on what you need to do to get it. In order to fit in, so many people will avoid truths including sabotaging their own inner goals and may also act hurtfully to others.

Wendy Treynor has written a book, “The Gift of Cancer”, about her experiences in life that led to her illness and the changes she had to make in order to heal.

Listen to this fascinating interview about the wisdom she found along her difficult path and how we can make better choices in our own lives.

Expat Files – 03.27.15

-Timely tips on dealing with (non-medical) Latin professionals like lawyers, architects, accountants, engineers, bookkeepers -There are many ways to find a very good first-world trained medical doctor or dentist in Latin America. And one of the easiest fastest and very best ways to go about it is to come down to an Expat wisdom seminar. I mention this because a …

LOA Today – 03.26.15

How can you stay positive, focusing on what you want rather than on what you don’t want, when your family or work life surrounds you with people who insist on focusing on negative stuff in the real world?

That is the subject of this week’s show. Join Uohna, Louise, Mark, and myself as we explore the question of maintaining your focus on what you want without being distracted by all the negatives the world throws at us on a daily basis.