Energy Stew – The Human Design predictions for 2018 – 01.26.18

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Every new year, ReGina Concotelli and I analyze the Human Design chart that tells us what the year will be like. We have to wait for a specific day and time that the chart clicks in and this year, it was on January 22nd at 2:19 AM. From this moment in time, it explains all the characteristics that await us for the year. It always has a lot to say and there’s even more than can fit into a half hour but we’ll deliver as much of the essence of it as we can. I can tell you that it makes a lot of sense for all that we see going on in the world right now.

Human Design is a combination of the alignment of the planets at a specific moment in time and is usually used for one’s birth date and time. The genius of the system is that it knows how to place the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I’Ching around the sky so we can see how it connects to our particular planetary positions.
It uses the traits described in the I’Ching to show which ones apply to us or even the new year. There are 6 lines in each hexagram so there are hundreds of traits (6X64) that can show up and each moment in time has a different combination. That’s why we’re all so different and why each year is different from the past.
The system also uses chakras and the circuits in between them to add to the complexity of our personalities and to the year as well. Every chart has many deep and enriching stories to tell us. Don’t miss the stories about 2018.
ReGina and I are both seasoned Human Design analysts and teachers and love to tell everyone what the system has to say.