Warrior Connection- 05.23.18

This show began with guest Patricia Axelrod of The Peoples’ Advocate/Desert Storm Think Tank and ALL Veterans’ Advocate revealing her work with a whistle blowing high ranking VA doctor who has complained to regional and onsite VA Supervisory and Directorship Personnel about extraordinary  shortage of medical equipment , instruments, support  and technical staff impairing the quality of care he is …

NORMAN POLLACK – Hillary Clinton is Shameless

Never has a candidate for President been so solicitous—and transparent about it—of major wealth, what the New York Times (stepping out of character) admits is her appeal to the Ultrarich. In Chozick and Martin’s, “Where Has Hillary Clinton Been? Ask the Ultrarich,” Sept. 3, we find the most lopsided appeal to wealth—at the expense of normal campaigning—in US electoral history: …

Project Censored – 08.22.16

Mickey speaks with two authors in the new “Hot Books” series. First, Nicholas Schou discusses
“Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood.” Then Alexander Zaitchik
describes his study of Trump voters, “Gilded Rage: A Wild Ride Through Donald Trump’s America.”
Also on hand for the hour is author David Talbot, the founder and editorial director of Hot Books;
he explains its mission, and describes some of the other titles in the Hot Books series.

SCOTT MCLARTY – Political Revolution and the Third-Party Imperative

“You’ve had your fun with Bernie. Now it’s time to get serious and support Hillary.” That’s the harangue Bernie Sanders’ supporters have been hearing from mainstream Democratic Party leaders and their apologists in the media. It’s bound to intensify in the wake of the virtual tie in the Iowa caucuses on February 1 and his projected win in the New …

BEN CASSELMAN and ANDREW FLOWERS – Rich Kids Stay Rich, Poor Kids Stay Poor

On Friday, a team of researchers led by Stanford economist Raj Chetty released a paper on how growing up in poverty affects boys and girls differently. Their core finding: Boys who grow up in poor families fare substantially worse in adulthood, in terms of employment and earnings, than girls who grow up in the same circumstances. (The Washington Post has a good write-up of …

Adam Johnson – Media Attacking Single-Payer Are Getting Paid Under Current Health System

With the first nomination contest only two days away, the corporate media reaction to Bernie Sanders’ surprisingly strong campaign, while not reaching Jeremy Corbyn-level hysteria, has reached a noticeable panic—one marked by let’s-not-upset-the-base qualified criticism and exquisitely curated concern-trolling. The most cynical argument being advanced is that Sanders’ support for a single-payer health program is a pie-in-the-sky fantasy, in contrast to the …

Steve Weissman – Hillary’s No Neocon. She’s Far More Dangerous

ack in September 2013, well before Bernie Sanders decided to run for president, the liberal journalist Peter Beinart called attention to the leftward swing among Democratic Party voters, marked by Elizabeth Warren’s popularity and Bill de Blasio’s victory in the Democratic primary for mayor of New York City. More to the point, Beinart explicitly challenged Hillary Clinton to move left …

Leid Stories – 01.06.16

Tear Jerker: Obama Weeps for [Politically Appropriate] Victims of Gun Violence
Does God Love Ugly?: Wheaton to Fire Prof for Pro-Muslim Sympathies
In an emotional, teary-eyed speech yesterday at the White House, President Barack Obama delivered yet another homily about gun violence, imploring an impassive Congress to enact measures to curb illegal gun sales. He’s not waiting for it to act, he said, noting a list of mass killings he linked to easy access to assault weapons. Via executive orders he’ll enact some long-overdue regulations and policies himself, he said. Leid Stories takes a closer look at Obama’s gun-violence pronouncements.
Dr. Larycia Hawkins, the first female African American tenured professor at Wheaton College since its founding in 1860, is soon to be dismissed. She has refused to explain statements that “seem inconsistent with the college’s doctrinal conviction,” the college says, citing a Facebook posting in which Hawkins said that Christians and Muslims worship the same god. Leid Stories asks about Wheaton’s move: Does God love ugly?

75 Ways Socialism Has Improved America

Socialism. There is nothing more feared and hated in America. The word alone sends shivers down the spine of the American people. Those three syllables conger up images of Big Brother Government ruling over us all, telling us what to eat, wear, buy, and think. Our children in national uniform being indoctrinated with propaganda in government education camps that use …