The Gary Null Show – 01.25.17

Today on the Gary Null Show, Gary opens up the program with the latest in health and healing. In the second half of the program Gary goes into so commentary before going to guest John Whitehead. John Whitehead is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law and human rights fo the the persecuted and oppressed. In 1982 he founded The Rutherford Institute, a non-profit civil liberties and human rights organization headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Institute provides legal services to defend civil liberties and programs to educate the public on issues affecting their Constitutional freedoms. John gained international renown for his role as co-counsel in Paula Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton. He has filed numerous amicus briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court and has been co-counsel in several landmark Supreme Court cases as well. John has been the subject of many newspaper, magazine and television profiles, ranging from Gentleman’s Quarterly to CBS’ 60 Minutes. His most recent book is “Battlefield America: The War on the American People”. And his website is

David Dillard-Wright – The Cult of Trump

As of this writing, Donald Trump is making his cabinet picks, which aside from conspiracy-monger Steve Bannon, look like the usual rightward Wall Street and D.C. insiders. The Trump regime seems so far like it will promote an uglier and more aggressive version of the standard Republican policies: deregulation, privatization and tax cuts for the wealthy. We can expect to …

Karen J. Greenberg – Liberty Is Security – The Lesson Not Drawn From Post-9/11 Government Overreach

One vivid image of the historical relationship between government power and individual liberties in America has long been the swing of the pendulum. It catches the nature of the perpetually changing balance between the two. When it comes to terrorism and civil liberties after 9/11, that pendulum swung strongly toward the power side of the equation and it has been …

Barbara Loe Fisher – CDC Wants to Expand Power to Eliminate Measles What You Need To Know and Do Now

I remember the day in 2007, when I was standing in front of a Maryland country courthouse videotaping interviews with mothers and fathers lined up with children, who had been thrown out of school for failing to show proof they had gotten chickenpox and hepatitis B shots. 12 State public health officials were threatening the parents with fines and jail time and …

Secret Stingray Manuals Reveal How Spying Tools Leave ‘No Place to Hide’

The Intercept publishes instruction manuals detailing how to build and use cell phone surveillance devices The technology manufacturing company Harris Corporation has fought to keep the public from knowing about how its surveillance devices work—specifically, the controversial cell phone spying tools known as Stingrays—but The Intercepton Monday published about 200 pages of Harris Corp. instruction manuals detailing how to build and use them. Harris …

This Can’t Be Happening – 08.17.16

Host Dave Lindorff interviews John Whitehead, founder and head of the Rutherford Institute, a legal organization dedicated to defending civil liberties, and combating threats to the Bill of Rights. Whitehead talks about his concrete experiences defending people wrongfully arrested by gestapo like federal, state and local police, about police militarization, and what he decries as the rapid consolidation of a police state in the US.

Black Agenda Radio – 6.13.16

Welcome, this is Black Agenda Radio, the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis from a Black Left perspective. Your hosts are Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey, here they are with a weekly hour of African American political thought and action

– The FBI has stepped up its sting operations against Muslim Americans to implicate them in plots against the United States. Civil liberties organizations say almost every so-called “terrorist plot” between 9/11 and the year 2010 was in some way assisted, or even cooked up, by the FBI. We spoke with Sue Udry, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee. She says most of the FBI’s cases involve entrapment.

– The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations is preparing to hold a national conference in Philadelphia, August 13 and 14, to begin the process of crafting a National Black Political Agenda for Self-Determination. Black Is Back Coalition chairman Omali Yeshitela explains.

– A leading prison reform organization is calling for a much broader presidential clemency policy, one that would release whole categories of federal prisoners, rather than setting people free on a one-at-a-time, individual basis. Marc Mauer, of The Sentencing Project, says what’s needed is big, bold actions like President Gerald Ford’s clemency for draft resisters, back in 1974. However, the Obama administration went into court to prevent the wholesale release of people convicted under old crack cocaine laws. As a result, thousands of federal crack cocaine prisoners remain incarcerated. Marc Mauer wants a much more categorical approach to clemency.

– Blacks in the South American nation of Colombia joined with indigenous Colombians to block roads, in protest of encroachments on their land by multinational corporations, and threats by death squads employed by the rich. Ajamu Baraka is a Black Agenda Report editor and columnist, a founder of the U.S. Human Rights Network, and also a member of the Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network, a U.S. coalition that advocates for the rights of Black people in Colombia. Baraka says Afro-Colombians also have conflicts with FARC, the guerilla force that has been fighting the Colombian government for decades, and has its own plans for land reform. Baraka explains the complexities of the conflict.

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A Just Cause – Spotlight on Capitol Hill & Congressman Darrell Issa – 01.17.16

The host Cliff Stewart, Lisa Stewart and Lamont Banks will be shining a Spotlight on Congressman Darrell Issa, who represents the people of California’s 49th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives, a seat he has held since 2001.

Chris Hedges – The American Empire: Murder Inc.

Terror, intimidation and violence are the glue that holds empire together. Aerial bombardment, drone and missile attacks, artillery and mortar strikes, targeted assassinations, massacres, the detention of tens of thousands, death squad killings, torture, wholesale surveillance, extraordinary renditions, curfews, propaganda, a loss of civil liberties and pliant political puppets are the grist of our wars and proxy wars. Countries we …

MEGAN AMRAM – To Those Fleeing President Trump: Welcome to Canada!

Welcome to Canada! You threatened to leave America if Donald Trump was elected President—and, true to your word, here you are. We’re so happy to have you! We’d like to extend an extra-special welcome to the ethnic, religious, and other groups that President Trump has deported from the United States: Muslims, Mexicans, black people, people who look like Muslims, “Jews, …