Who needs stress? We all do. Here’s why

If you could do something to decrease your risk of memory failure, to increase your self-confidence, to be a better public speaker, to improve your brain, to help you deal with back pain, to bust out of your comfort zone, to make your children more resilient … would you do it? What if it involved embracing what we all to …

Is it better to beat temptation or never feel tempted at all?

When was the last time you were tempted, even briefly, to do something a little immoral? To lie, betray a friend’s confidence, cut in line, or take a little more than your share? I’m willing to bet it was today. Maybe in the past hour. Larger temptations hound us too, especially those involving sex or money. And yet, perhaps to …

Visionaries – 11.28.16

“The Beginning of Infinity.” What are the sources of knowledge and science? In his brilliant book “The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations that Transform the World” the physicist and computer scientist, David Deutsch, shows that the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution are unique moments coming from Explanations, and that humans have a unique role in the universe in the creation of knowledge.

Visionaries – 11.07.16

“Becoming Creative.” Most of the books about creativity are about mastery, not creativity. Creativity begins with mastering existing traditions, but then goes on to overthrow those traditions and build new traditions. We look at creativity from the point of view of Nietzsche’s parable of the camel, the lion, and the child. More at: http://visionarycreativity.com/wp1/