Love Lust And Laughter – 06.06.17

Dr. Lori Buckley – – returned to the program. Her book is “21 Decisions for Great Sex & a Happy Relationship” which can be purchased on AMAZON. As Sex Therapists, Dr. Lori and Dr. Diana discussed their favorite sex tips, books, and sex toys. Here’s a flavor for the show: Compliment your partner. It will make him/her feel noticed, …

Love Lust And Laughter – 03.28.17

Many older people are not seen as sexual beings. Joan Price is on a mission to dispel this myth! She returned this week for Part 2. In her books, talks, and webinars she suggests how folks can reclaim their sexuality. Joan ( has written “The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50,” “Better Than I Expected – Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty,” “Naked at Our Age,” and “Ageless Erotica.” Orgasms are good for your health – whether generated alone or with a partner. “The pleasure of living and the pleasure of the orgasm are identical. Extreme orgasm anxiety forms the basis of the general fear of life.” – Wilhelm Reich. Joan’s idea of tracking the tingle, breathing, using fantasy, and sex toys were all explored. We also discussed Dating while Older (DWO) – a Chapter in one of her books. This is a must read! The entire show is apt to inspire…no matter your age!

Love Lust And Laughter – 12.01.15

Lou Paget author of five books on sexuality was on the program again ( Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are…Dr. Diana and Lou partially sorted this out by delving into the clitoris and its role in female sexual arousal. The clitoris and its structure with all it erotic components were explored, including the crura. The vestibular bulbs under the outer labia grow and blossom when a woman is sexually aroused. Sometimes the clit is considered the Emerald City of women’s orgasmic response. If a woman is “spectatoring” – i.e., observing herself during sex, not in an erotic mirror-on-the ceiling sort of way, but in a judgmental critical way – she is less likely to be sexually satisfied and reach orgasm. Mindfulness is a practice that may help! Kinsey in one of his books observed, “Cheese crumbs spread in front of a copulating pair of rats may distract the female, but not the male.” Lou and Diana enjoyed a lively discussion – including talking about Amy Schumer’s latest photo shoot. She is comfortable with her body—proclaiming, “I’m 155 pounds and can get laid any day!”