The Gary Null Show Notes 11.16.23

HEALTH NEWS ·         Enzyme in Broccoli, Cucumbers and Avocados Reverses Aging In Cells ·         How Tart Cherry Juice Increases The Quality Of Your Sleep Time ·         A new connection between the gut microbiota and prostate inflammation in aging men ·         Depression, anxiety and stress linked to poor heart health in new study ·         Alzheimer’s disease might be a ‘whole body’ problem ·         Shorter white blood cell …

The Gary Null Show Notes 11.15.23

HEALTH NEWS ·         Could a Japanese mushroom extract eradicate HPV? ·         Most everyone can lower blood pressure by reducing salt, even those on BP drugs: Study ·         Mindfulness meditation can help address the teen mental health crisis, researcher says ·         Study: Coconut Oil Could Prevent Neurodegeneration in Diseases like Alzheimer’s ·         14-hour fasting improves hunger, mood and sleep ·         Exercise at consistent times could realign body …

The Gary Null Show Clips 11.15.23

Human Rights Lawyer PROVES Israel Is Committing GENOCIDE (start at  :05 paly to  5:03) Israel Is KILLING Its OWN Civilians (Start at :05 play to 8:09) Empire Files: Israeli Army Vet’s Exposé – “I Was the Terrorist” (16:43) Palestinian American Journalist Describes Being Detained and Sexually Assaulted by Israeli Soldiershttps (9:28)

The Gary Null Show Notes 11.14.23

HEALTH NEWS ·         Molecule shows promise for aging-related disorders ·         Flavonoids May Fight Endometriosis Symptoms ·         Spirulina may help elderly patients with anemia and immunological dysfunction ·         Being in nature 20 hours a week could significantly boost productivity ·         Chronic sleep deficiency increases insulin resistance in women, especially postmenopausal women ·         Antioxidants Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene may be Key in Brain Protection

The Gary Null Show Clips 11.14.23

@RonPaul (2:12) The EU blew all that cash on war MEP Clare Daly – speech from 9 Nov (1:17) Don’t expect the rest of the world to take you seriously – MEP Clare Daly – speech from 9 Nov (1:14) This Israeli Was IMPRISONED For Opposing The Occupation. Please Listen To Her (3:39)

The Gary Show Notes 11-13-23

HEALTH NEWS Watermelon reduces atherosclerosis in University of Kentucky study Lack of friend or family visits is associated with increased risk of dying Super-Agers’ Secrets to Longevity Identified in New Research Research suggests prenatal exposure to cannabis increases diabetes risk in offspring Antibodies to cow’s milk linked to increased risk of cardiovascular death Swap red meat for Quorn protein improves heart …

The Gary Null Show Clips 11-13-23

Why Britain Is Doomed To Never Learn From History  Tulsi Gabbard Switches Anti-War Stance To Justify Israeli War Crimes! First High Court case/Dr. John Campbell Zelensky Headed For DISASTER, Ukraine’s FAILED Counteroffensive COVERED UP: David Sacks Jimmy Dore PROVEN RIGHT AGAIN As U.S. Tells Zelensky To Negotiate Peace Russia’s UN Ambassador Drops a Bombshell Destroys School Board’s Ego

The Gary Null Show 11.10.23

HEALTH NEWS ·         Early life exposure to broccoli sprouts may protect against colitis in inflammatory bowel disease ·         Clinical trial data suggests prenatal vitamin D reduces a child’s risk of asthma ·         Study: Low-weight, high-repetition exercise increases bone density up to 8 percent in adults ·         New study: gargling with salt water may help prevent Covid hospitalization  ·         Additional benefit of omega-3 fatty acids for …

The Gary Null Show Clips 11.10.23

Rand Paul (6:05) Noam Chomsky destroys Israel (2:39) Noam Chomsky – The Crimes of U.S. Presidents (11:34) RFK Jr. SMACKS DOWN Clueless PBS Host Over Vaccine Comments (6:00)