The Gary Null Show Notes 5.10.24

HEALTH NEWS Mushrooms boost immunity, suggests research Why Date Sugar May be a Game-Changer for Diabetics Discrimination may accelerate aging The Dangers of Low-Dose Aspirin: Time to Reconsider Its Widespread Use Add nature, art and religion to life’s best anti-inflammatories Feeling pins & needles in your hands or feet could reveal concerning nerve problem

The Gary Null Show Notes 5.9.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Personalized nutrition more effective than general diet advice, study finds ·         Vitamin K1 may improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels for pre-diabetics   ·         Frequent salting of food increases the risk of stomach cancer ·         A 30-year US study links ultra-processed food to higher risk of early death ·         Mechanism outlined by which inadequate vitamin E can cause brain damage ·         About 90% …

The Gary Null Show Clips 5.9.24

The Secret Plan Behind Artificial Intelligence (14:50) Japan to Ban mRNA as Turbo Cancers Among Vaxxed Skyrocket (0:00 – 1:39) We Don’t Vaccinate (Trailer – 3:51)

The Gary Null Show Notes 5.8.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Can olive oil help lower the risk of dementia-related death? ·         Mouse study shows intermittent fasting protects against liver inflammation and liver cancer ·         Could getting enough sleep help prevent osteoporosis? ·         Cannabis, nicotine use during pregnancy found to increase rate of infant death fourfold ·         Common chemicals combine to create super potent hormone wrecking toxins ·         Sedentary lifestyle puts strain on young …

The Gary Null Show Clips 5.8.24

Palestine Talks | Chris Hedges on the moral corruption of Israel and the “savagery” of violence (15:00) The Video Israel Does Not Want You To See (11:57) CAN’T BELIEVE IT: Gen Z Americans can’t answer these basic questions (4:18)

The Gary Null Show Notes 5.7.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Saffron shows promise against age-related macular degeneration ·         Eating These Vegetables Lower Inflammation and Mortality Risk ·         Hormone therapy for prostate cancer may increase risk of depression ·         Want a Mood Boost? Make Yourself Cry to Sad Music ·         Chlorella Found to Treat Viral Hepatitis C ·         Polyphenol potential to counteract age-related epigenetic changes

The Gary Null Show Clips 5.7.24

Palestine Talks | Chris Hedges on the moral corruption of Israel and the “savagery” of violence (15:00) This Video Has Gone Viral In Norway (Why is Youtube Removing It Online) (7:39) WEF Young Leaders Speech Is Pure Evil! (5:30)

The Gary Null Show Notes 5.6.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Resveratrol: A Ray of Hope in the Battle Against Oral Cancer ·         Study challenges one-size-fits-all approach to vitamin D supplementation guidelines ·         Birdwatching can help students improve mental health, reduce distress ·         People with gas and propane stoves breathe more unhealthy nitrogen dioxide, study finds ·         A grateful heart is a healthier heart ·         Hibiscus Tea Significantly Lowers Blood Pressure Why the WHO’s …