The Gary Null Show Clips 6.14.24

Watch Merrick Garland SCARED SH*TLESS After Andy Biggs Charged Him With Fake Biden Transcript Claim (5:00) The US – Saudi Petro Dollar Agreement Has Official ENDED (5:00)

The Gary Null Show Notes 6.13.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Scientists investigate association between omega-3s and symptoms of psychosis in early adulthood ·         Higher blood levels of omega-3s, other nutrients linked with delayed brain aging ·         Internet Addiction In Adolescents Can Negatively Affect Brain Function: Study ·         Sound Waves Boost Older Adult’s Memory, Deep Sleep ·         Resveratrol may provide similar benefits to exercise ·         The Laughter Cure: 30 Research-Proven Reasons to Embrace the …

The Gary Null Show Clips 6.13.24

Kary Mullis (FB CLIP) Why are politicians so DAMN RICH?! (18:00) REMINDER: Trudeau’s gov’t head of pathogens collaborated w/ the Chinese PLA who’re responsible for bio-weapons & bio-terrorism. A PLA official was able to gain access to Canada’s secrets. ☠️ This is literally proof of TREASON! Will anything be done? (5:51) “Final Warning: America’s Last Chance Before Collapse” | Victor Davis Hanson (:40) Biden …

The Gary Null Show Notes 6.12.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Stiff Arteries? American Ginseng Improves Vascular Function ·         Exogenous microRNAs in maternal food pass through placenta, regulate fetal gene expression (can relate to mRNA vaccines)  ·         Plant-based ultra-processed foods linked with higher risk of cardiovascular disease ·         Alzheimer’s patients could protect memory simply by inhaling menthol, mouse study shows ·         Blood pressure drugs exposed for increasing the risk of pancreatic cancer in …

The GAry Null Show Clips 6.12.24

Watch Josh Hawley LAUGHS As FBI Witness ACCIDENTALLY Admitted To ‘Hunter Biden’ Bribe (8:26) AI says why it will kill us all if we continue. Experts agree. (18:54)

The Gary Null Show Notes 6.11.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Does a beet a day keep heart disease away? ·         Study reveals B VITAMINS may reduce glaucoma risk ·         Optimism wards off procrastination: Believing the future will not be more stressful could help procrastinators ·         Ascorbic acid supplementation and immune response in healthy women during high-intensity exercise ·         Rice bran oil: The Indian version of olive oil ·         Vitamin D Supplements Reduces All-Cause …

The Gary Null Show Clips 6.11.24

AI says why it will kill us all if we continue. Experts agree. (18:54) 7 Times A.I. Went ROGUE (7:02) Fauci was in on the emails in 2021 (Twitter/X – 1:53)

The Gary Null Show Notes 6.10.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Higher Selenium Status Linked with Lower Mortality Risk During 17.3-Year Follow-Up ·         More evidence suggests regular consumption of melatonin can reduce chances of age-related macular degeneration ·         Drinking American Ginseng Tea May Rapidly Protect Your DNA, Study Finds ·         Depression linked to memory problems and brain aging ·         Microplastics found in every semen sample tested by research team ·         Nanoparticles in consumer products …

The Gary Null Show Clips 6.10.24

The One Video Israel REALLY Doesn’t Want You To See (15:36) “Would you call this ethnic cleansing?” Palestine’s ongoing catastrophe. (13:31)

The Gary Null Show Notes 6.7.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Curcumin improves intestinal barrier function: modulation of intercellular signaling  ·         Cellulite Solution? The Surprising Benefits of Collagen Peptide Supplementation ·         Vigorous exercise may preserve cognition in high-risk patients with hypertension ·         Study links xylitol to increased risk of heart attack and stroke ·         Resveratrol could help protect the arteries ·         One in six people who stop antidepressants will experience discontinuation symptoms as a …